21 May 2013

Healing Bulbinella

Amazing HEALING Properties of BULBINELLA (Bulbine frutescens)
This plant should be a part of every South African Garden.  It has a stunning array of yellow flowers, and it's medicinal properties are amazing.  It withstands drought, survives frost. My little girl already knows to go pick herself a leaf and rub it on any scratch or wound.  Fun for kids to be their own doctor! 
Bulbine frutescens
Part of plant used:
Leaf and leaf gel
* Split the fresh leaf and apply the gel direct 

Health Benefits:
* Rashes & Eczema - Just squeeze a bit of the leaf sap onto affected area.
* Apply direct to sunburn, burns & scalds
* Apply direct to Blisters
* Apply direct to cracked lips, fever blisters, cold sores,
* apply to pimples
* Apply direct to help get rid of ringworm & herpes
* Apply direct for relief from insect bites & Stings
* Apply direct Chapped skin, eczema, skin irritation

Cosmetic Uses:
- Mix sap into creams, shampoo for its excellent moisturizing properties.

Pet Care:
Note: Not harmful if your pet licks it off
* Rub leaf sap onto sores and rashes
* Apply direct to sunburn, burns & scalds
* Apply direct for relief from insect bites & Stings
* Apply direct Chapped skin, eczema, skin irritation
* All purpose Wound Healer

Tips and Suggestions:
*  For more fabulous animal caring tips have a look my Furry Pets and Friends  or the Natural Health & Beauty Index page
* Please Comment and share your experiences.

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